Danish player Mads Pieler Kolding has decided to retire from international badminton after Badminton Denmark informed him that he would not be able to continue with his partnership with Frederik Søgaard after the world championships this year.

The 33-year-old said, “Of course it’s sad, but it’s also the right decision (to retire)… I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. I have lived my career as I intended to do, and I am happy and content, and I have had some crazy experiences – but also downturns. Having lived off his hobby for so many years professionally, I am extremely grateful for it.”

After splitting up with his long time doubles partner Mads Conrad-Petersen in 2018, Kolding dabbled with different partners to preserve his career.

His latest partnership with Frederik Søgaard started in 2021 at the Orleans Masters. He also had a short stint with London Olympics silver medallist Carsten Mogensen before his current partner.

Kolding was once ranked 4th in the world in men’s doubles and is the world record holder for the world’s fastest smash in competition (426 km/h). He was also a part of the Danish team that won the Thomas Cup in 2016.

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