Korean aces Son Wan Ho and Sung Ji Hyun announced that they will marry on 12 December 2020 in Seoul. Sung posted photos of herself trying on wedding gowns on her social media accounts earlier in June. They graced the cover of Badminton Korea magazine’s May issue as well.

The happy couple is following in the footsteps of many other couples who have cemented their love for the sports and their love for each other.

So here is a list of badminton’s power couples. 

1. Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang

This couple is the biggest achiever on the list. Their combined achievements make them a true power couple. Amongst them, they have 2 Olympic golds, 1 Olympics silver and 10 World Championships titles. Currently, they are both retired and are into business and have recently build a badminton training center.

The couple is blessed with a son named Xiao Yu born in 2016.

2. Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo

They are one of Malaysia’s most famous couples. They married in November 2012 after 11 years of courtship. Lee often share photos of his beautiful family on his social media accounts and also posts photos with Wong captioned with romantic words.

They have two sons, Kingston born in 2013 and Terrence born in 2015.

3. Alan Budikusuma and Susy Susanti

Alan and Susy are currently administrators at the All Indonesia Badminton Association. Together they own Astec, a badminton equipment company. The name of their company is a combination of their names, Alan Susy Technology. They were dubbed the “golden couple” after they won golds at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Their Olympic victories was made into a film which was released last year.

4. Viktor Axelsen and Natalia Koch Rohde

In April 2020, Axelsen shared a photo on his social media with the caption, “Hi everyone. I’m happy to finally share some great news with you. My girlfriend and I are expecting a baby girl this autumn. We are very excited and we just can’t wait to get to know the little one.”

5. Chen Long and Wang Shixian

This is another power couple from China. Chen Long and Wang Shixian married in November 2017. When Chen Long won his Olympic gold at Rio, Wang was in the audience crying tears of joy.

The couple has a child now.

6. Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock

This English couple is one of the most famous couples in the badminton world. They are partners in life and on court. They often share their photos on social media and are loved all over the world.

7. Christinna Pedersen and Kamilla Rytter Juhl

The 2016 Rio Olympics silver medalists made their relationship public in 2017. They have a daughter Molly who was born in 2019.

8. Kashyap Parupalli and Saina Nehwal

Parupalli and Nehwal’s love story began more than a decade ago. They married in 2018.

9. Hong Wei and Zhao Yunlei

The couple shared their wedding news in June 2018. The announcement was made on Weibo and it was a surprise for many since they kept their relationship quite private.

10. Zhang Nan and Tian Qing

After Zhao Yunlei’s surprise wedding to Hong Wei in June 2018, Zhang Nan announced his marriage to Tian Qing in November. It was a surprise to many since Zhao and Zhang had been in a relationship for a long time. 

11. Qiao Bin and Li Xuerui

The couple shared their marriage registration certificate on December 15, 2019. Their relationship was kept away from the public eye so it was a surprise when they announced their wedding.

12. Nguyen Tien Minh and Vu Thi Trang

This Vietnamese couple married after the 2016 Rio Olympics. They are often seen guiding and helping each other on court as well, acting as each other’s coach when the need arises.

13. Marcus Ellis and Lauren Smith

They are the current top British mixed doubles pair. Smith said on her social media account that “ it makes a big difference to have that home comfort, if you’re not feeling amazing, you can pick each other up- you can just go out for coffee and refresh, be together and not be thinking about badminton.”  

14. Kim Sa Rang and Eom Hye Won

Kim and Eom married in December 2019. The couple is no longer a part of the national team and currently professional players.

15. Rho Ye Wook and Kim Ha Na

Kim Ha Na married fellow badminton player Rho Ye Wook in December 2018 after her retirement earlier in the year.

16. Kim Joong Soo and Chung Myung Hee

Kim Joong Soo is a former player and former head coach of South Korea. He married fellow player and two-time world champion Chung Myung Hee in 1991.

17. Arya Maulana Aldiartama and Hanna Ramadhini

Arya Maulana Aldiartama is Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo’s former partner when he was a junior. He is currently a coach in Canada. He married former women’s singles player Hanna Ramadhini in June 2019.

18. Andrei Adistia and Maria Febe Kusumastuti

Andrei Adistia and Maria Febe Kusumastuti married in October 2017. They had played as a mixed doubles’ partners.

19. Pranaav Jerry Chopra and Pradnya Gadre

Pranaav Jerry Chopra married fellow badminton player Pradnya Gadre in December 2016. Chopra proposed to Gadre on court with a shuttlecock in his hand.

20. Sung Han Kook and Kim Yun Ja

Sung Han Kook married Kim Yun Ja in 1989. They are the parents of Sung Ji Hyun and are referred to as a badminton family. The family is going to welcome Son Wan Ho to the family later this year.

21. Kim Dong Moon and Ra Kyung Min

Ra Kyung Min is the former partner of current Japanese head coach Park Joo Bong. Ra married her mixed doubles partner Kim Dong Moon in December 2005.

22. Mohamad Arif Abdul Latif and Rusydina Antardayu Riodingin

They come from different countries, Mohamad is a Malaysian and Rusydina is from Indonesia. They also play as partners on court. They married in September 2019.

23. Hermawan Susanto and Sarwendah Kusumawardhani

Hermawan Susanto and Sarwendah Kusumawardhani married in May 1995. They are a badminton family; their son Andrew Susanto is also a player. They have a badminton club as well.

24. Liu Cheng and Bao Yixin

Liu Cheng and Bao Yixin are former mixed doubles partners. They shared their marriage registration announcement in December 2019 on Weibo. The couple has a child now.

25. Tang Chun Man and Ng Wing Yung

Tang Chun Man and Ng Wing Yung are both mixed doubles players though they have different partners. Tang often shares moments of their togetherness on his social media accounts.

26. Ha Young Woong and Jung Kyung Eun

Ha is a men’s singles player and Jung is a women’s doubles player. Jung likes to share their photos through her social media accounts.

27. Hardianto and Shela Devi Aulia

Hardianto and Shela married last year. They began their courtship when they were in the national training camp.

28. Inkarat Apisuk and Jongkolphan Kititharakul

The Thai couple often shares their photos through social media accounts.

29. Thammasin Sitthikom and Rawinda Prajongjai

Kititharakul’s partner Prajongjai also has a partner from the badminton world. Thammasin Sitthikom is a men’s singles player.

30. Mark Caljouw and Line Kjaersfeldt

The couple is another international couple on the list. Caljouw is from the Netherlands and Kjaersfeldt is from Denmark.