At noon today, Lin Dan announced that he has quit from the Chinese national team. On his personal Weibo account, Lin Dan poured out his thoughts and feelings on his retirement.

According to various sources, Lin Dan had sent his resignation request a few days ago and the Chinese Badminton Association has agreed to it.

Zhang Jun as chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association thanked Lin Dan for his contributions to the national team. He hopes that Lin Dan would continue to promote badminton in a new way.

The resignation from the national team can mean the end of Lin Dan’s international career as the Chinese Badminton Association do not send professional/independent players to international tournaments. It still remains unclear if Lin Dan would be made an exception.

Lin Dan’s message on Weibo reads:

From 2000 to 2020, for 20 years, I have to say goodbye to the national team now. It has been really difficult to leave.

In 2000, I was excited and proud to be “Lin Dan of Team China.” My family, coaches, teammates and fans have accompanied me through many moments of highs and difficult lows. Every smash is my desire for victory. After going through four Olympic journeys, I have never thought about leaving, nor would I want to think about it. I dedicate everything to the love of this sport. “Persevere”, I said to myself in each moment of suffering, so that my career can endure longer. Rather than simply pursuing rankings, I want to challenge the physical limits of an “old” athlete and practice the sports spirit and this I will never give up.

At 37 years old, my physical fitness and injuries no longer allow me to fight side by side with my teammates. There is gratitude, reluctance, and frustration. In the days to come, I hope to spend more time with my family, and I will also look for new “playgrounds.”

I am grateful for the achievements of the country, the trainers for training me, the family for being with me, the fans for supporting me, and the excellent “opponents” who inspired me. I also want to say to all of you who are struggling to pursue your dreams, always keep the desire, draw your bow back fully, and let go!

The flames of passion will never extinguish; the advancing footsteps will never stop. I hope that the national anthem will always be played in the tournaments. I hope that the familiar and new faces will always walk up to the podium. No one will be young eternally, but there’s always someone who is young, passionate, and will keep forging ahead…

Salute, Lin Dan

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