At an event held in Shanghai today, Lin Dan said that he is not thinking of becoming a coach in his retirement.

On July 4, he announced his resignation from the national team. With illustrious achievements including two Olympic golds and five gold World Championships he said he is proud of his achievement as a representative of his country.

 “After two decades, I can proudly say that I have contributed to my country for 20 years. Not all athletes can fight and contribute for 20 years, so I feel happy and proud,” said Lin Dan, as reported on Sohu.

The 36-year-old said he felt a huge burden being lifted off his shoulders after announcing his resignation on Weibo. Currently he is spending time with his family.

When asked if he would ever become a coach Lin Dan said, “I thought for a while but there were no empty seats for a national team coach, so I didn’t think too much about it afterwards.”

Lin Dan has often talked about his disinterest in becoming a coach. This is perhaps because he has other preoccupations outside the badminton world, such as businesses and sponsorship promotions.

He is set to participate in the National Games next year.

“I will stop playing if I gain weight in March next year. If I have the opportunity to play, then I will definitely try. I have participated in the National Games five times, so I look forward to participating once again next year,” Lin said with a smile.

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