On the first day of the Sudirman Cup held in Vantaa, Finland, stadium lights went dark during play for a brief period of time.

At around 11:05 am local time, during the first session of the first day of the tournament, lights went out on all courts and matches were suspended for roughly 9 minutes.

The Sudirman Cup is a mixed team world championship that is held every two years.

On court 1 (centre court), home country Finland was playing their second match (men’s singles) against China.

Lu Guang Zu (China) was on match point 21-16, 20-18 against Kalle Koljonen (Finland) when the stadium went dark.

When the lights came back on and resumed play, Koljonen was able to save the first of the two match points.

Lu Guang Zu closed the match on the second match point with a final score of 21-16, 21-18 to give China a 2-0 lead ahead of Finland in the Group A tie.

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