Li Yin Hui: “I’m 25 now, and to take this decision earlier was very difficult.  For a few months after the Olympic Games and National Games, I have been able to regulate my body condition. A few years ago, I once had high fever, and the cause of the high fever was pneumonia, and the fever didn’t go away. Every time after the intensity of competition and training, I would always have three or four days of low grade fever. This was at the All England (2020) too, when I played the final, and the Olympic Games and other high-intensity competition. However, I always knew my (playing) responsibilities and goals, so I stuck to them and didn’t thoroughly check or cure my condition.”

“To add to what I said, I have a genetic condition with my heart. My grandfather has heart disease. It is said that the slower the heart beats, the better it is for the athlete, but the frequency of my heart beats is slower than the average person or athlete, so there are some problems for my recovery and immune system. So now my choices are limited. I will try to temporarily leave the national team and then go to for a long time to recuperate. In the best case, if I recover, I will try to come back and prepare for Paris.”

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