Lee Chong Wei revealed that Lee Zii Jia spoke with him before submitting his resignation letter to the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM).

BAM will hold a press conference tomorrow to officially address Lee Zii Jia’s situation.

Chong Wei confirmed that the All England champion sought advice from him about the idea of becoming an independent player.

“Yes, he came to me before handing over the resignation letter and said he would listen to my views and opinions. I told him clearly at that time: ‘This decision is your own, think carefully’,” Lee Chong Wei told China Press.

“I told him, it would be just like a parent who took care of you and raised you when you were 13 years old and after 10 years, you turned around and told your parent that you were leaving the house. The intention is to remind him to think in a different position when dealing with people and things, how he would feel if he were in the shoes of the father or the mother,” Chong Wei added.

Though Lee Chong Wei personally thinks staying at the national academy is the best, his advice to Lee Zii Jia is to handle matters delicately if he ever decides to leave.

“I repeatedly reminded him that if he insists on leaving, he must handle the affairs and follow up carefully with the President (of BAM), because if it is not handled well, then BAM always has the right to take up actions against him,” he added.

Relationship with BAM

Lee Chong Wei said that he did not know if anything happened between Lee Zii Jia and BAM or the coaching team which had made the youngster submit his resignation. He also gave Zii Jia some personal advice.

“We had a good chat, I told him that no one is 100% good or 100% bad in this world. I told him that I am not 100% right or good either, I have my strengths and weaknesses, the same is true for the President of BAM. The point is, before making an important decision, you have to think clearly,” said Chong Wei.