Lee Chong Wei shared his love for Yonex in a recent post on his social media. He said his first racquet was a Gold Yonex Carbonex 9.

In the post, he writes, “Every racquet developed by Yonex made the ‘smash’ faster, the ‘drop shot’ sharper, and the ‘net shot’ smoother. And ever since 1995, he has used Yonex racquets as his chosen ‘sword’ in the battles on the court.

Lee: “I still remember back in 1995, I was a young boy of 13. I was lucky to qualify for my first MSSPP. My dad bought me a good racquet for the tournament. But I just felt dad’s racquet was better. His racquet was a Gold Yonex Carbonex 9. I took his racquet for the tournament, without him knowing.”

He said he felt like a Power Ranger playing with the Gold Yonex racquet until the string broke. He then quietly went home and slipped the racquet back into his father’s kit bag without letting him know.

Next day, he heard his father yell “Ah! Wei! What have you done?” Lee said this almost made him wet his pants. He then quietly walked to his father’s room with his head down. Lee recalled his father was fuming with anger at this moment.

“Imagine an angry skinny incredible Hulk, swinging a racquet with broken strings. Before the Hulk smashed my head, I lifted the tournament medal I won with my tiny hands. His anger turned into a smile. That evening, he restrung the racquet and slid the racquet quietly into my bag,” Lee writes.

“That’s my first sword. My Gold Yonex Carbonex 9.”

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