He says Covid-19 swab tests are uncomfortable but necessary

In an interview with Badminton Unlimited, Jonatan Christie talked about some of his favourite things. The interview showed some of the things the current world No. 7 enjoyed off the court.

Here is an excerpt of the interview.

Favourite food: Spaghetti, because I just like it.

Favourite colour: Black, white, red.

Favourite movie: Comedy, romantic, classic

Favourite app: Mobile games like Mobile Legends or PUBG.

Favourite sports hero: Mohammad Ali and Michael Jordan. Because I feel Mohammad Ali has a unique character. And I’ve watched a number of his fights. He is funny. He savours being in competitions. And he enjoys every time he competes.

Favourite superhero: Ironman. Ironman is cool.

Favourite hobby: Swimming and listening to music.

Favourite person: My parents.

Recently, Jonathan underwent swab tests for Covid-19 with other team members. Through the Badminton Indonesia social media account, he said, “I felt uncomfortable when they took the swab from my left and right nose, it felt like someone suddenly climbed on my head. The swab taken through the throat is also uncomfortable, but the one taken on through the nose is more accurate. Even if it’s uncomfortable it’s okay, it for the health and safety for all.”

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