Saying goodbye on one’s own home ground is something only a few players are blessed with. Yesterday, Jan O Jorgensen played his last international match at the DANISA Denmark Open and it was an emotional one.

He bowed out to fellow teammate Anders Antonsen 12-21, 10-21 in the quarterfinals.

At 10-20 down, the crowd stood up and gave him a standing ovation. Jorgensen was in his tears and took a few moments to control his emotions before continuing to play the final point.

After the final point was scored, the crowd was on its feet. With both hands clamped together, a tearful Jorgensen respectfully bowed to everyone after exchanging T-shirts with Antonsen.

Jorgensen’s career has been truly remarkable, specially for a European player. He was the first European to win the men’s singles title both at the Indonesia Open (2014) and the China Open (2016). He held the world No. 2 spot for a total of 63 weeks.

Jorgensen’s final match against Antonsen follows the tradition of great Danish players playing their farewell matches against their teammates; Kenneth Jonassen with Peter Gade and Peter Gade with Jan O Jorgensen (official international match).

Excerpts of the post-match interview he had with Badminton Europe.

Jorgensen: “At least I have a lot of good memories, don’t know if its fairytale though but yeah a lot of good memories for sure.

“When you look around the stadium today…(I see) all kinds of people from my career, when I was young, when I was in the middle and in the beginning and new faces and old faces, and people whom I have had conflicts with, and new friends and everything is nice to look at them and smile and take it all in. And I am really thankful for everybody who has been involved in my career.

“My only goal has been winning and trying to fulfill my potential and I think I have done quite good in that sense. “

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