Goh V Shem recently welcomed a baby girl with his wife. His partner Tan Wee Kiong is expecting his second child around the same time as the Thomas Cup. These new changes have made the pair rethink about participating in the Thomas Cup.

Goh said through The Star that the pandemic has made it a difficult time for everyone, especially when it came to safety precautions with a new family member. He said he was concerned about the risk with all the travelling.

“There is a concern over Covid-19 and I’ve just become a father…then, there is the 14-day quarantine that we are subjected to when we return home,” Goh said.

Goh said the final decision would be made after discussing with partner Tan Wee Kiong. Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) is required to submit the list of participants to BWF by 18 September. He said, “BAM wants us but Tan and I have yet to decide.”

He added that if both of them were not comfortable, they would turn down the offer. But if they decided to participate then it would be a sacrifice they would have to make.

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