Goh Liu Ying is one player who pays attention to her looks both on and off the pitch. She dons custom made outfits when she is playing with her partner Chan Peng Soon.

Through The Star, Goh revealed, “I like to dress up and it gives me lots of confidence when I play. The dress is my favourite. I feel comfortable in it. My sponsor Li-ning and I discussed the designs that you see in the finished product.

“They know my favourite colour and the fashion that I like. They try to match the designs as close as they can to my liking and style.”

Off the badminton court, the 31-year-old always impresses with her looks. She said her fans liked her when she kept her looks natural. She is a part-time model and a full-time owner of GLY, an online store she opened in September that focuses on sports, lifestyle, food, beverages, supplements and beauty.

Goh: “The conditional movement control order gave me the perfect opportunity to start my own online store.”

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