Goh Liu Ying’s reputation has been restored after the allegations made on her earlier this week. The involved parties have issued a public apology and a clarification notice to her through the Sin Chew Daily.

On Sunday morning, a post was made on social media site Facebook accusing Goh Liu Ying of carrying on an affair with a married man. When this post went viral, Goh had to issue a public statement to clarify that this was a false allegation and that she was taking legal help regarding this matter.

The female who accused Goh has been identified as one Chen Yin Nee. The male party involved is identified as Leonard Lim. It has been discovered that Chen Yin Nee and Leonard Lim had officially divorced three years back.

Both Chen and Leonard have issued apologies and clarification notices.

In Chen Yin Nee’s apology/clarification, she apologized for her impulsive behaviour and for the damages in image and reputations it caused Goh. Chen also said she is willing to bear all the costs caused by her false allegations.

She also clarified that Goh is not a third party in her relationship and that she had misled the public into thinking she is. She apologized to Goh and her family. She promises not to harass Goh again.

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In Leonard’s apology/clarification, he confirms that all the rumours about Goh are incorrect. He said his ex-wife had misused social media to trick everyone into thinking that Goh was the third wheel in their marriage. He clarified that he and his ex-wife have officially divorced three years ago. He said he is willing to bear the cost of the damaged done by these allegations.

Screenshot of whatsapp group conversation involving various parties.

Goh Liu Ying’s post on facebook after the public apologies from Chen Yin Nee and Leonard Lim

I am Goh Liu Ying.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who have sent such wonderful messages of support n love….

Posted by Goh Liu Ying 吴柳莹 on Wednesday, 15 July 2020

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