Chang Su Young was in a car accident on July 17. Her car collided with a truck at a traffic signal in front of her house. She had been admitted to a hospital for her injuries.

Chang is a former Korean player and is a famous badminton YouTuber now.

Today, Chang shared the news of her accident on her social media account with a photo of her smashed black Tesla car. She also uploaded a photo of herself on the hospital bed.

The caption read, “Its a miracle that I’ve lived…I never imagined I would experience a scene like the ones in a film … When turning left and turning towards the signal in front of my house, suddenly a 40-ton truck headed towards me… I couldn’t avoid it and ended up having a traffic accident.”

She said she is on her way to recovery and wrote, “Even if you live carefully, a moment of crisis can come to anyone. I am thankful for everyday and I am thankful that I can breathe. We forget that anything can happen. I am thankful for everyday.”

Chang was a national player in 2003. She was part of the team that won the 2007 Sudirman Cup bronze medal and the 2008 Uber Cup bronze medal.  Currently, her Youtube channel has 27 thousand subscribers.

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