After five countries withdrew from the Thomas and Uber Cup, replacement teams have already been sent invitations by the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

Finland and Sweden have confirmed that BWF had sent them invitations for participating in the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup respectively.

Badminton Finland and Badminton Sweden have both accepted the offers.

Finnish head coach Anu Nieminen said it was a great opportunity and experience for the team to play the Thomas Cup. He said that the final squad would be announced on 18 September.

“Together with the coaching team, we will go through the different options for the composition of the team in accordance with the value criteria of the players and pairs, and after that, we will start assembling the team,” Nieminen said as reported by

Through Badminton Sweden’s official website, General Secretary Thomas Angarth said that the invitation from the BWF was a great opportunity for the players to participate in the “largest and most prestigious competition in badminton.” He said the team was looking forward to the competition and believed that the team could achieve success.

 “After a couple of the qualified teams refused to participate, the Swedish women’s team was the next qualified team and the association quickly accepted the offer,” said Angarth through

It is not yet clarified as to which groups Finland and Sweden would be placed in.

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