Indonesia’s men’s doubles coach Herry IP is cautious about the badminton scenario after nine months of no action. He said preparations were maximized because there was no way to measure the world players.

Talking to media on Wednesday, he said his players would target the titles in Thailand but the prediction was difficult since there was no way to assess where each player stood after nine months.

As quoted by Bolasport, he said, “I think there will definitely be changes, right? We don’t know what the levels of the world players are. So only after Thailand, we will know.”

Talking about his players, the minions who are the world No. 1, the daddies who are the world No. 2 and Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto who are the world No. 6, Herry IP said the main goal was the title. But if not the finals for all his players, semifinals were the definite target.

All three pairs have entered their names for the first two tournaments in Thailand next month. As for the World Tour Finals, only the minions (No. 3) and the daddies (No. 8) are currently qualified. The third pair of Alfian/Ardianto is currently not qualified at No. 15.

Coach Herry IP said that he thought about the Indonesian team as a whole as much as the individual pairs. “If you focus too much on Kevin/Marcus, surely the others will be ignored, so in general it is important for Indonesia to win as well.

“I personally do target that Kevin/Marcus win the title, but also Indonesia. We should win.”