Indonesia’s coach Herry IP expressed belief that there has been a shift of power in the men’s doubles discipline away from Denmark. The coach is now concentrating more on preparing his players for the Chinese Taipei pair of Lee Yang and Wang Chi-Lin.

In a conversation with reporters, Herry IP said, “If you look at the competition at the three tournaments in Thailand, yes, the strength has shifted somewhat.

“In the past, there was Danish influence, there was Mathias Boe, now only (Kim) Astrup is there and their performance, in my opinion, has decreased a bit. So the power map has shifted slightly back to Asia.”

He also expressed that other European countries like Russia are still weak and his players can beat them easily.

Regarding the rise of Lee Yang and Wang Chi-Lin, he said, “They are extraordinary, especially the power in the shots, the power in their smash is good. For me, this is a danger. I told Aryono (Indonesian men’s doubles assistant coach) at that time that we have to watch out for them. Honestly they have improved a lot.

“Especially the maturity in their game. It used to be easy to kill a point, 4-5 punches and an error, but now it’s very difficult. Now they are extraordinary, you could say that our enemies have increased.”

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