Carolina Marin to ‘partly’ resume training from Monday

Like many other athletes around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has left Olympic champion Carolina Marin to train alone for the last few weeks.

Up until now, Marin has been using bags of rice and chickpeas as weights for training at her mother’s house at Huelva. She also has a stationary bicycle and some resistance bands for training.

Marin told ABC Sports that she had been living like a regular citizen for the last few weeks. Marin’s current daily routine sees her waking up at 9 or 10 am, sweating out on the gym bike, reading books, watching TV series and entertaining herself in the kitchen.

At 8 pm in the evening, Marin goes to the window and applauses to show thanks and gratitude to the people who are fighting the pandemic at the frontlines.

However, Marin will soon start following a training structure stipulated by her coach, Fernando Rivas, and her physical trainer, Guillermo Sánchez. 

 “They sent me some of the training machines in a van and I have them here to start using them from next week,” Marin told ABC Sports.