Carolina Marin revealed she suffered a minor soleus muscle injury during the Swiss Open last week, leaving her participation at next week’s All England in question.

“On Tuesday, five minutes after I started training in the main hall (at the Swiss Open), I felt a pop and had to stop. I was very scared. I could hardly even support my foot on the ground,” said Marin, speaking at a Santander Talks interview in Madrid on Wednesday.

After her physio worked on the affected calf muscle, she was able to play on with the tournament, and win it. Through an ultrasound test, her doctor has confirmed that she suffered a tear in her soleus and the muscle is now in the process of healing.

This has left her participation in next week’s all England hanging by a thread.

“Although I have a very important tournament like All England next week, we do not want to risk the preparation for the Olympics… I am looking forward to going. We will make the decision at the end of the week. We are not going to take risks,” said the 2015 All England champion, who is also the top seed next week.

Marin speaking at the Santander Work Cafe in Madrid on Wednesday
Marin: I am not in my peak form

Winning the Swiss Open with an injury was not easy even for Marin. She “had to hide the pain” from her opponents so that they did not take any advantage of her condition. She described the experience as “swallowing and holding the air.”

Regarding her current mental state, Marin feels that she has become extraordinarily stronger and more mature in the last two years. The passing of her father, her knee injury and the pandemic have made her stronger.

Marin has won three out of the four major tournaments played in 2021.

When asked to comment about her performance, Marin said, “I am very happy with how the year has started. I see the level of my rivals, who are not yet in their peak form. I am not either…I will have my peak form at the (Olympic) Games.”

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