Carolina Marin reveals that her way of celebration on the court is a mental game conveying that the opponent needs to fight with her to the end to beat her.

In an interview with El Espanol, Marin talks about her love of cars, travel, Olympics and the Covid-19.

Marin said new news about the cancellation of the tournaments are “demotivating for athletes” and that the worst thing about the having to live with Covid-19 was the uncertainty it brought in life and in tournaments.

Olympics and Covid-19

Marin who has is yet the achieve her 100% after her knee surgery said the delaying of the Tokyo Olympics has benefited her. “I was not in the best condition, mentally or physically, to face the great challenge of the Games in 2020. For it to have been postponed to 2021 is a relief.”

“I have no doubt about it. Go for the gold.”

Marin whose personal motto is “I can, because I think I can,” said that the key to her competitive personality was mental strength. She said her motto gave her a lot of encouragement and strength.

“It does not mean that I will always achieve what I set out to do, but it does move me to fight and leave every drop of blood to try to achieve every goal I set for myself.

It is a mental game. What I transmit to my opponents is a challenging attitude on the track. I convey to them with my attitude and with my body language that they are going to have to fight a lot in the match if they want to beat me. Everything has been studied with my coach, and in turn, my rivals use other types of tactics to try to win me.”

Toyota and Spanish badminton

Marin who is a Toyota ambassador said, “I love driving, it relaxes me a lot; besides, I’m a good driver.”

The Spanish Olympic team has been named Toyota Spain Olympic team. The brand also supports the Spanish badminton through the Spanish Badminton Federation (FESBA). Marin is appreciative of the big brand and their support for badminton.

“Supports like Toyota’s are essential. The minority sports unfortunately do not enjoy much showcase, and that such powerful brands at our sport are priceless. This may make other brands decide to also bet on minority sport.

“It is very complicated. Minority sports sponsorships compete is at a clear disadvantage with sports such as soccer, tennis, etc. And undoubtedly the sponsorship of Toyota gives us much lustre.”

Marin currently drives a Toyota RAV4 Electric Hybrid and said that driving gave her a relaxing time and that it gave her a “tremendous sense of freedom.”

“I think I’m a good driver. I respect traffic signs a lot and I am very aware of my surroundings since it is what causes the most accidents due to lack of attention when driving.”

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