The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has finally made an official statement regarding the news reports that said Singapore would host the next set of BWF tournaments in March 2021.

A statement from BWF was published on their official website today where they clarified that no such tournaments have been given the green signal.

“BWF would like to confirm that decisions regarding the Tournament Calendar for 2021 have not been made official.”

Initially, this news came from the Hong Kong head coach Tim He Yiming when he told South China Morning Post that the Olympic qualification would be resuming in March in Singapore with three tournaments held back to back.

This statement caused a lot of speculation, as the BWF had not said anything regarding the matter until today. Badminton Association of Malaysia put out an official statement saying that they had no idea about the cluster tournaments.

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It has now been made clear by the BWF that this was only a rumour for the moment and that the BWF would share details of any such 2021 International Calendar when it was official.

Furthermore, the BWF added, “BWF has been working with Host Members to devise the best tournament cluster solutions for the new year.

“This is to ensure the resumption of consistent tournaments for the benefit of all athletes as well as the completion of the Olympic Qualifying period for the Tokyo Olympics.”