The Badminton World Federation (BWF) and the Danish Badminton Association have released the Covid-19 protocols for the DANISA Denmark Open 2020 in consultation with the Danish Government, health authorities, and the organizers.

The maximum number of spectators allowed to enter the Odense Sportspark arena is 500 people per day.

BWF is providing insurances for players, coaches, technical officials and the staff for medical assistance as guests of the Danish Badminton Association while staying in Denmark and participating in the tournament from 7-12 October 2020.

Following are the key points of the protocol.

Bubble system.

The tournament’s core personnel including players, team entourage, technical officials, tournament doctors, technical support staff, including BWF and Danish Badminton Association officials are to be tested upon arrival in Odense. If they receive a negative test result, they enter the bubble system or Green Zone and must follow the conditions that apply during the tournament. Other tests will also be conducted during the tournament.

Anyone who tests positive will be quarantined and contact tracing will be done. Strict quarantine will be carried out under the guidance of BWF, the Danish Badminton Association and the Danish health authorities. Players who test positive or who are required to be isolated will be withdrawn from the tournament.

Player protocol.

Players have been asked to reduce contact with other participants, avoid shaking hands and only accepting shuttles from dispensers not from service judges also not interacting with the audience.

Players are only allowed to enter and exit through the Green Zone and Green Zone personnel are prohibited from entering into other areas. An accreditation card with a QR code is provided to monitor and restrict movement.

Media personnel who have been permitted to conduct interviews with the players in person are those that have received approval from the broadcaster, BWF, and the Danish Badminton Association under strict protocols. Other media can only conduct virtual interviews.

Once outside the arena, each player is asked to return to their allotted hotel rooms and not socialize. They will be given meals at the hotel or can order via a food delivery service.

However, there are also procedures where players can go outside to exercise and buy groceries.  A green route will be given to mark recommended places according to the procedure.