General Secretary of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) Thomas Lund stays optimistic despite criticisms after the postponement of the Thomas and Uber Cup for a third time.

Lund said there were several factors determining the postponement decision. Through, he said that Super 750 Denmark Open would go ahead as planned.

Lund: “We cannot expect the players to go to the Denmark Open, but we hope that it can thus show the rest of the sport that tournaments can be held in a safe and sound manner.”

One of the major criticisms BWF faced after the postponement of the Thomas and Uber Cup Finals was that when other sports such as tennis and football began, why badminton was waiting to restart.

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To this question, Lund replied, “I certainly do not hope we have to wait until a vaccine arrives. Neither for the sake of the players nor for the sake of the sports. But it would be naïve of us to say that it is not a difficult task when travelling between the different countries.”

There is no bleak future of the sport

Lund also said that badminton, as a sport was not looking at a dark future despite the hesitant approach to restart the sport.

He said BWF understood the financial aspect of the players as well. He said, “I do not see a dark future, but it is clear we all want to get started.

Not only for our sake but also the badminton economy…But we just have to respect very highly that there are individual considerations to take.”