The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has given all Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) application processes in badminton to the International Testing Agency (ITA).

It now is the responsibility of the ITA to oversee all TUE related applications for players under the BWF’s jurisdiction.

The TUE is applied to players who seek permission to use a Prohibited Substance for medical purpose/condition and to have a justification if they test positive for the used substance in a doping test.

The ITA will run all the applications for the TUE in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code and the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions.

Poul-Erik Hoyer, BWF President, is confident of the new alliance of the BWF with the ITA and said that the new partnership would strengthen the already robust set of testing measures that BWF had in place to protect the sport.

“This is a positive step forward for us in our endeavour to keep badminton clean. It is great to have the leadership and expertise of the ITA to manage all processes related to Therapeutic use Exemptions.”

The Director General of the ITA, Benjamin Cohen: “The delegation means that BWF can rest assured their TUE process in handle professionally, that badminton athletes will receive a fair and unbiased review of their TUE submissions, and that the federation can focus even more on the core aspects of its work.”

The partnership is on an initial term for one year till 2021.

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