Brice Leverdez is not a fan of the proposed new scoring system.

Leverdez thinks changing the scoring system to 11×5 is a “bad idea” and even labelled the idea as a “scam”.

Brice Leverdez has been France’s top-ranked men’s singles player since 2008.

On his social media account, the 35-year-old wrote, “To me, it’s a bad idea and we all know the reason of more money (in the sport) because the media will pay more… is just a scam.

“If our sport keeps changing its scoring system every 15 years, how can you keep credibility and how can you make your sport bigger?”

Leverdez also thinks that such a move from the Badminton World Federation (BWF) will destroy the culture and history of the game.

“It’s a shame that we can’t compare matches from before 2006 to all the ones after that. Now, we will change (it) again and lose all comparisons.

“Culture of badminton is losing big time with the game changing all the time. I’m sad for badminton and the history of badminton,” he continued.

It is already a trouble to explain the existing rules of badminton to people who are new to the sport, changing the scoring system will just create a worse nightmare as it would require explaining the new rules again to the same people, Leverdez said.

“Tennis and Football who never changed, look how famous they are. Let’s just hope that they will not vote (in favour) of this new change,” he added.

BWF will be voting on the proposal for the new scoring system on Saturday, 22 May in its Annual General Meeting.

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