Kento Momota and Viktor Axelsen will be meeting for the fifteenth time in their career today at the men’s singles final of the Denmark Open.

Out of the fifteen encounters, Axelsen has won only once, and that was back in 2014.

However, Viktor Axelsen who has been in very fine form lately is very optimistic that he will win the final today.

He told TV2, “I’m just not looking at it (the head to head record). And then I know that many things have happened since the last time (we played against each other).”

“I just feel like I’ve gotten better, so I cannot see why I should not be able to win.”

Momota, who has been slowly discovering his past form the last couple of weeks, acknowledged that Axelsen was indeed in scary form at the moment.

But, he too, like Axelsen, made it known that he is here to win.

Momota was quoted as saying by BWF, “At this point, it will be very silly if I say Viktor is going to win. So I will say that I will win. I will keep my feelings strong.”

“Finally, we get to play. I’m very excited. But now Viktor plays nearly perfectly, so I’m a bit concerned about that. But I will try to enjoy it as much as I can. We’ve been looking forward to this match. We respect each other as players so I will do my best.”