The Badminton Korea Association (BKA) has postponed its national team selection tournament due to Covid-19. Former world No. 1 Son Wan Ho will be fighting for a seat in the national team through the selection tournament.

This tournament was scheduled to be held from 18-23 December 2020 at Boeun National Sports Center. However, as Covid-19 continued to spread, BKA has decided to postpone it.

BKA had originally planned to hold the tournament by following safety protocols and keeping the number of attendees in the hall below 50.

“There are concerns about the safety of the participants due to the spread of Covid-19. And there are also concerns that the competition will be stopped because the government is considering increasing social distancing to level three, so the selection is postponed,” a BKA representative said, through Chosun news.

The following is a list of the players in the spotlight in this year’s selection.

Players who have automatically been selected based on performance and world ranking

1. An Se Young
2. Sung Ji Hyun
3. Choi Solgyu
4. Seo Seung Jae
5. Kim So Yeong
6. Kong Hee Yong
7. Lee So Hee
8. Shin Seung Chan
9. Chae YuJung

Players who have been selected through recommendation

1. Heo Kwang Hee
2. Kim Ga Eun

Top players who need to fight for selection through the selection tournament

1. Son Wan Ho
2. Chang Ye Na
3. Jung Kyung Eun
4. Kim Hye Rin

BKA will hold a committee meeting on December 21 to discuss a new schedule for the selection tournament.