Badminton England is feeling the full impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and has announced a 25% staff lay-off as part of a new structure for the association. The announcement comes as the association is facing an economic crisis.

Adrian Christy, Chief Executive of the Badminton England (BA) through, said, “This is a really sad day for us…Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, some valued colleagues will leave the organization.

“The restructuring reflects the immediate priorities for the organization and will ensure that we remain financially secure and come through this in good shape, ready to manage the challenges and embrace the opportunities also.”

The BA assured that the restructuring of the organization would safeguard the core elements of the sport and help badminton in the country prepare for the Tokyo Games, the Paralympics Games and the next badminton generation. The BA said that the new restructure would navigate the badminton community ease pass the global pandemic.

A major portion of the income for the association comes from the All England and the BA is in the process of preparing for a toned-down version of the oldest championship in badminton for the 2021 season.