Badminton Denmark will vote in favour of the proposed 11×5 scoring system at the BWF Annual General Meeting on May 22. This was confirmed by Jens Meibom, Director of Elite Sports, Badminton Denmark. Badminton Denmark also voted in favour of the new scoring system in 2018 when it was first put to a vote.

Meibom said, “We have decided to vote in favour of the proposed new scoring system, as we believe it meets the intentions of the proposal. The intentions are to see some faster exciting points, have more exciting points and have shorter matches.”

Opinions about the 11×5 scoring system among the elite players have been divided. Regarding this, he said, “It is completely fair that you have different opinions, and I also know that there are different opinions among the players. That’s a personal assessment. But this is a rule change that will apply to everyone – not just our elite players.”

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