The 2021 Badminton Asia Championships (BAC) has upgraded to an Olympic qualifier. The points awarded to the tournament champions have also updated from 9,000 points to 12,000 points.

The tournament is scheduled for April (27 April – 2 May) in China and might very well be the last Olympic qualifier if there are not tournament calendar updates from the BWF.

As reported by The Star, the Chairman of the Events Committee Bambang Rudy Roedyanto said, “Due to the new status, the prize money for this tournament will also be increased, it is good for the players and the game.

“I’m sure more countries will want to bid for this tournament in future.”

Roedyanto added that with the new upgraded status of the tournament, Asian players would fight it all out for a spot at qualifying for the biggest stage of all.

Players like Kento Momota, Anthony Ginting, Jonatan Christie, Chen Long, Shi Yu Qi and Lee Zii Jia are all expected to participate at the BAC. With all these big names on the court, it might be a mini Olympics treat in April.