In a special edition of Badminton Unlimited, former Olympic champion Ayaka Takahashi said that Indonesia’s Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo had a one-of-a-kind technique that cannot be repeated or learned.

In the episode, Takahashi talked about who was the funniest, to who was the best dresser and so on. She gave an insight into her views about the players on the world tour.

The following is an excerpt from the interview.

Funniest on tour?
Anders Antonsen.

“At the World Championships, he has sunglasses and big headphones on. I think that was fun. He appeared like a star and his style was so funny.”

Nerd on tour?
Boe and Mogensen.

“At the Japan Open, they wore yukatas and seemed interested in experiencing Japanese culture. I thought that was really interesting. So they’re more of a Japan nerd than just a nerd.”

Love to sing and dance?
Maybe Greysia Polii.

“I saw her playing the guitar on social media. I’m friends with her on social media as well, so I see her playing music often.”

Most hardworking?

I respect Hendra Setiawan and Mohammad Ahsan because they are still playing at their age. I want them to win an Olympic gold medal together.”

Natural talent?
Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo.

“The technique! He is the only one who has that kind of a technique.”

Loves to play pranks?
I would not say she loves to play pranks but maybe Jia Yi Fan.

I often see her teasing someone or the other.”

Best attack?
Kamilla Rytter-Juhl and Wang Xiaoli.

“Juhl takes advantage of her height and she is a left-hander. I was so surprised by how hard she can smash. Wang is also very fast but she plays her best attack while she mixes the cuts and drops. This is something that would make her opponent hesitate.”

Best defence?
Zhao Yunlei.

“She is an amazing player in women’s doubles and mixed doubles. She can receive almost impossible attacks. I’ve learnt a lot from her defensive skills.”

Most likely to succeed no matter what they do?
That’s Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli as a pair.

They were always amazing. They could turn the match over even when there was a 10-point difference. They were a winning pair.”

Most popular on tour?
Lin Dan, Kevin and Marcus.

“They are the stars. Lin Dan’s stardom is unbelievable. Lee Chong Wei too… I don’t think there will be anyone like them.”

Best smile?
Lee Yong Dae.

“He is handsome and always smiles at me.”

Always on social media?
Maybe someone from outside of Japan, like Greysia Polii.
I follow Polii and Juhl. Social media is popular in Indonesia, so Polii is probably the one.”

Best dresser?
Gabrielle Adcock.

“She always looks so beautiful. We are the same age and she is beautiful. They are a beautiful couple and they dress well.”

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