The men’s doubles coach for the Indonesian national team Herry IP has a unique hobby outside of making champions of the Minions and the Daddies and producing Olympic gold medalists. He is an award winner aviculturist in the chirping bird world as well.

Through, Herry IP recalled the beginning of his hobby. He said he had always been fascinated by birds. Initially, he kept pigeons before moving on to other small birds and magpies. He said when he trained at the PB Tangkas around 1988 he used to bring his bird for contests.

The coach who has produced many champions thinks that keeping chirping birds is the same as training badminton players. According to him, both need a lot of preparation. He said, “One needs preparing the players, and the other needs preparing the birds.”

He said that skill and proficiency are needed in both disciplines. He continued that a player could talk with him, but the bird would be depended on him for everything. He said, “When looking for a player’s talent it is the same as looking for a bird, we have to be observant. We look for young players to be successors, just like we look for coating in a bird.”

He is a seasoned chirping bird competitor. He said he had not counted the trophies he had won in this discipline. He said, “My chirping bird competition has been going on for a very long time. I have trophies from almost all the big events.” He said it was a lucrative hobby for him now that he owned a magpie farm.

He said that chirping birds gave him some relief from his busy schedule in badminton.