Denmark’s Anders Antonsen sat down with the Olympic Channel to talk about his goal for the Olympics, how the Covid-19 has changed him as a player and how compatriot Viktor Axelsen plays an important role in shaping him as a player.

Currently ranked No. 3 (men’s singles) in the world, Antonsen said that his goal was not to stop at number three but to go all the way. He said, “I want to reach the absolute top. So, I still have a few more spots to go.”

Talking about the current global situation and the suspension of tournaments, Antonsen said it has tough and that motivation fluctuated.

But he maintains a positive outlook and said, “But I think I managed to come through this period in time, decent, I would say. We have been practicing hard. And I feel that I’m a stronger player now then I was before the Covid came to the world.”

Here are some of the excerpts from the interview.

I feel like I’m on the rise.

I’m only twenty-three years old, so I have seven, eight, nine years left in me. And hopefully, I would be on top of the world. I only came to the big stage maybe like one and a half years ago.

So, I haven’t really been at the top of the world and making these good results for that long. I believe I will come out of Viktor’s shadow over time.

All praise for Viktor Axelsen.

I see Viktor as a really important piece in my development actually because we practice together almost every day. He’s a phenomenal badminton player and he has some great skills. And I’m actually super grateful to be able to practice with him and to learn from him and to push him in practice as well.

Olympic debut at Tokyo.

It’s a big dream of mine and I’m definitely aiming for the gold medal. I’m not there just to compete. I feel a lot of athletes are satisfied with just reaching the Olympics. That’s a big thing.

But I’m definitely going for, you know, I have my eyes on the prize. I want to reach the gold medal. I think my potential is there. I’m on the rise. I’m only getting better.

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