“I want to keep playing with Marin, even if I lose.”

An Se Young definitely looks like the next big star in badminton. Or is she already? The South Korean youngster is getting more impressive with every passing tournament.

The 19-year-old skyrocketed to fame after she won the 2019 French Open title after beating Carolina Marin in the final. She is currently ranked No. 8 in the world. To be able to do what she has done in women’s singles, the most fiercely competed discipline in badminton at the moment, is nothing less than spectacular.

She is also the highest ranked women’s singles player from South Korea now. She quietly overtook Sung Ji Hyun for this position.

In January, in Thailand, she played three times against Carolina Marin. She lost the first two and won the last one. Marin was arguably in the best form of her life in Thailand. The only other player who was able to steal a game from Marin was Tai Tzu Ying.

In a recent interview with Hankyung, An Se Young shared some of her thoughts on her encounters with Marin.

“Marin was faster and stronger than last year. At first, I had no confidence in myself and couldn’t adapt. I realized my pace was less than Marin’s, and I have learned a lot.

“I want to keep playing with Marin, even if I lose,” said the youngster.

Missing out on high school life

Being a top athlete at such a young age has its advantages and disadvantages.

An Se Young: “I couldn’t even go to the graduation ceremony and say goodbye to my friends because I was leaving for the Thailand tournaments.”

No more tears

“I don’t cry anymore. In the past, I cried because I was so sad when I lost a game, but now I take it pretty well and I laugh a lot these days.”

Trained by the best

At the Samsung Life Insurance club, An Se Young is coached by Gil Young Ah, 1996 Atlanta Olympics mixed doubles gold medalist.

Ambitions at the Tokyo Olympics

“It is an honor to be the representative for the Korean women’s singles at the Olympics. I want to win a medal at a young age.”

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