Denmark’s Alexandra Bøje and Mette Poulsen have been banned from all tournaments in Denmark for the next 3 months by a disciplinary committee.

During the women’s doubles final of the Danish national championships last month, the two players threatened to pull out of the match due to dissatisfaction with the rulings of the service judge. A lot of service faults were called on the two of them during a match.

The disciplinary committee found that Bøje and Poulsen’s conduct on the court “damaged the reputation of Badminton Denmark (Association)” and banned them from playing any tournament, both international and local tournaments, on Danish soil for the next three months.

The ban only applies to the jurisdiction of Badminton Denmark, which means that the two players can still participate in overseas tournaments during the period. They can also continue with regular practice at the national training centre.

However, Bøje and Poulsen will not be able to participate in the Denmark Open (a super 1000 tournament) and the Thomas and Uber Cup (team world championships) which will take place in Denmark next month.

The duo now has four weeks to appeal the ban with the Danish national Olympic committee.

Read the full story of the controversy by clicking here.

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