The infamous 11 points, best of 5 games scoring system is back. Members of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) will vote on the scoring system once again on May 22 2021 in its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The last time it was voted was back in 2018. Out of the 252 votes casted back then, 129 were in favour of changing the scoring system. The necessary two-third (⅔) majority vote to pass the proposal was not fulfilled and the idea of the new scoring system was discarded.

The proposed new scoring system will feature 11 points games, best of 5 games wins the match. Deuce will come into effect from 10-10 and will be capped at 15. The player who reaches 15 first wins the game. Players will change sides on the court at 6 in the 5th game.

This time, the proposal to change the scoring came from the Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI) and Badminton Maldives. And it has been supported by Badminton Asia.

Regarding the new proposal, BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer said, “The proposed scoring system change is part of my vision to make badminton more exciting and to increase the entertainment value for stakeholders and fans.

“We concede the timing was not right back then (2018) but I’m pleased to see this being driven by the Membership once more. This is only proposed to be introduced after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. So, I’m confident this is a more favourable time to affect this change.”

The 11×5 scoring system is strongly opposed by the majority of badminton fans worldwide. Many argue that the new scoring system will make the game less physical and will destroy the existing tempo of the game.

When the idea of the new scoring system first came up, two-time Olympic champion Lin Dan said, “I don’t think making changes like this is good for the game. There is nothing wrong with the present system.”

While his nemesis Lee Chong Wei was in favour of the new scoring system and had said, “The new scoring system can reduce the average time of a match. It may help extend my career. I have tried the trial scoring system before, and I feel that those who can adjust themselves on the court more quickly will benefit from the new system.”

In addition to the vote on the new scoring system, there will be another vote for the election of three executive positions – BWF President, BWF Deputy President, and BWF Vice President-Para Badminton. Poul-Erik Høyer became the BWF President on May 18 2013 and will successfully complete two terms in May.